A big thank you to all children that have helped develop a new area in the Forest.

Down the long steps and pass the fire-pit and the pass the Dens, classes have worked really hard over 5 weeks to develop a new area.

They have really grafted using many tools:

Loppers-To cut back some of the dog-weed that was spreading.

Secateurs- To cut the roots of the floor.

Saw- To cut back some big branches,

Spades- To turn the soil in the area and level.

Pick-axe- The break the soil to turn it

Rakes- To Flatten and spread the Wood-chip.

Hammer- To make the letter C and H (Cribden House)

They spent a long time collecting all the wood to produce the arch at the back and then around 13 wheelbarrow full of wood-chip.

The children have really enjoyed the project and never complained and worked really hard.

They are now able to use the area when needed will be great to just sit out read, do outdoor tasks.

The branches to the back will eventually go over the top when trained to allow overhead cover as well.

Forest Project