Winter Weather ~

We hope to be open and we will only close in exceptional circumstances.

Your transport will make the decision, based on safety for all, whether they will come to pick up your child.

If your taxi doesn't turn up and you are unsure whether they are coming, please phone your transport company for confirmation of their intent.

School is not responsible for the transport companies decision and cannot say yes or no on their behalf.

If your transport cancels your taxi you do not need to inform school to let us know we will already have been informed.

Parents and carers will receive a text message from school informing them of school closures due to bad weather, providing the school has an upto date mobile phone contact number.

Closure will also be posted on Facebook and the school website.

If snow falls during the school day, and roads become difficult because of heavy snow, the taxis will be asked to collect the children from school earlier than normal, in order that they get home safely and at a reasonable time. Please be prepared for this eventuality. 

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